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Premium Pork Katsu Burger first in Hawaii even in the whole world!

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About us

What is KATSU? KATSU is Japanese style deep fry. Our Katsu is focused on Premium Pork name “Mugi-Fuji” from highly taking care and well grown in Canada. We use Mugi-fuji premium pork for our Katsu Burger and island fresh vegetable. Source is house made special source I would love you to enjoy out Premium Burger.


Premium Pork “Mugi-Fuji”

Mugifuji (麦富士) is a Three-Cross Breeding Premium Pork from a country with large fertile land and clear water, Canada, where pigs are grown carefully in wilderness areas. “MugiFuji” is a refined flavoured pork brought by fine, juicy, soft “red meat” and “fat” rich in sweetness. Genetics: Female (Large white x Landrace) x Male (5th generation Duroc) = Mugifuji hog. Developed to yield fattier pigs with a high marbling score. Diet: A healthy diet of different grains (barley minimum 17%, wheat 15%, corn 40%, soy 10%), free of Ractopamine, meat and bone meal. The meat is redder and the fat is whiter. Stress: Farms are close to the plant. Methods of transportation reduce animal stress, so animals have a longer rest period prior to slaughter.


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